Update: 17 February 2018

hTMA and Behavior

Bernard Rimland, PhD, Gerald E. Larson; Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol 16(5)

Meta-analysis of 51 Studies

51 studies on the relationship between hair mineral levels and various aspects of human behavior that covered a wide range of behaviors: learning disabilities, retardation, hyperactivity, criminality and delinquency, behavior disturbances, autism, schizophrenia, anorexia, hypoglycemia, fatigue, anxiety, allergy, senility, phenylketonuria, and giftedness and intelligence. High levels of certain minerals, especially Pb (lead) and Cd (cadmium), and low levels of other minerals tend to be associated with undesirable behavior.

There is a need for vigorous attempts to eliminate sources of environmental exposure to heavy metals and for further study of the role of mineral excesses and deficiencies in human health and behavior.

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