1. Prepare Yourself
  2. Prepare Your Kitchen
  3. Prepare Your Bedroom
  4. Prepare Your Bathroom

Prepare Yourself


Life is change. There are many things in life you cannot change — your health is something that you can change.

Making dietary changes to improve your health can be challenging at times. It is important to move forward at your own pace, fit them in to your life when you are ready. Essential mineral balancing is not a magical quick fix, improving your health is a process. When you enjoy the process, success is greatly enhanced.

Elite Performance

Individuals at the leading-edge of intellectual and physical performance, including professional athletes, high-level entertainers, captains of industry, elite military, top scientists,valus and intellectuals, etc., appreciate the value of excellent nutrition and its positive effect on performance.

Inform yourself. Check out the learning center for information about the science of hTMA, nutrition, and how to achieve excellent health. You can find helpful articles, book and video resources, and links to useful organizations and websites.

Getting Started

Simple steps can make big improvements in your health immediately. For example, you can throw out all junk food, eat fresh local organic vegetables, hydrate yourself with pure clean water, eat more vegetables, throw out toxic cleaners, toxic lawn care products, and toxic ‘beauty’ and personal-care products. Reduce and mitigate EMF exposure. And, did we mention to eat more organically grown vegetables? These are small steps that can have a big impact. It really comes down to just getting started.

Professional medical support may be required.


Physical or emotional changes are not uncommon as your health and energy improves with hTMA. Your body will begin replacing toxic heavy metals with biochemically preferred essential nutrient minerals. This process may cause symptomatic discomfort. Unpleasant symptoms can be minimized or avoided altogether when you work with a qualified hTMA practitioner to help you manage symptoms.

Support from a qualified hTMA practitioner who also has a medical background (e.g. DO, DAOM, L.Ac, MD, ND, RN, etc.) is important to ensure patient safety and progress. This is especially important for an individual who:

Prepare Your Kitchen

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Throughout history people have spent much of their time in the pursuit, preparation and consumption of food. Your kitchen should be safe, efficient, and pleasant. Make it a special place for this important activity.

  1. You can get started immediately. Throw out all junk food products, and other foods that are not-recommended (e.g., simple carbohydrates, grains, sweets, etc.). Replace with foods that are recommended
  2. Replace aluminum and teflon cookware and tools with non-toxic cookware, tools and equipment (e.g., stainless steel, glass, clay, wood). TIP: Use glass canning jars for storing food instead of plastic. Using a stainless steel canning jar funnel makes it easier to fill jars.
  3. Throw away all toxic cleaners. Important! When discarding ANY toxic product, make sure you bring it to a proper toxic product collection site HHW site (Household Hazardous Waste).
  4. Find excellent sources for your food and water. The closer to home the better; grow a garden, seek out local small farmers, CSA's, shop at farmer's markets, get water at a local spring, join a food co-op, join or start a buying club.

Information and Resources

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Prepare Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is where you spend a third of your life. It is where you recharge and repair. This space should be safe, comfortable, non-toxic — and peaceful. Remove toxic bedding and carpeting, and mitigate EMF exposure as much as possible. Purchase non-toxic bedding materials and furnishings. Learn about non-toxic sleep

Prepare Your Bathroom


Cleanliness (from the inside out and the outside in) occurs in the humble bathroom. Unfortunately, some of the most common toxic exposures occur in our bathrooms. Most personal beauty and cleansing products contain a multitude of toxins which are absorbed through the skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Skin absorbs anything you put on it. So, do not put anything on your skin that you would not drink or eat. Throw out toxic "beauty" and personal care products. Learn what's toxic, and what to can do about it. Obtain safe non-toxic cleaning and personal care products.

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Moving Forward. When you are prepared, you will be ready to integrate mineral balancing into your life.

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