Nutritional balancing addresses cellular health. When your cells have the correct nutrient minerals needed for optimum functioning, overall health is improved, and toxins are safely removed. This is accomplished using a non-invasive, comprehensive health screen (hTMA). Lab results are used to direct an individualized nutritional protocol.

FEATURE ARTICLE: Thursday, 17 April 2014

Drinking Water

Author: Julie Casper, L. Ac.

Our ancestors consumed ‘natural water’ that came directly from the hydrosphere of the earth. Rampant contamination of the world's water has lead to increased need for "purification" or filtration methods to remove toxins, dangerous chemical compounds, and radioisotopes (radioactive, artificially produced atom).

Until very recently in human history safe mineral-rich drinking water was easy to find, and free. Now, because the water you drink is so critical to your health, it is important to understand your drinking water options. It's not that complicated. Either you find a pure natural (unprocessed) source, or you need to decontaminate it somehow. Processing water is where choice can get confusing, because in a market-economic system there are so many options competing for your money. The bottom line is that in today's environment there is no perfect solution. We need to stop posioning ourselves, and take action to reverse the damage that's been done. It is possible, but we must act — now.

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Toxic Exposure

Hazardous Chemicals barrel

Environment has a direct impact on health. Today everyone has measurable amounts of toxic heavy-metals and synthetic chemicals in their bodies. We absorb toxins through the air, water, soil and our food. Electromagnetic and RF fields affect and damage DNA, and cells. We are exposed to toxicity at work, in our schools, and in our homes. Persistent toxic exposure has far-reaching health consequences.

Managing Toxicity with hTMA

Toxic body-burden can be identified, monitored and effectively managed with hTMA. A non-invasive, comprehensive health screen is used to identify toxic element levels and ratios. Lab results provide clinicians with the data needed direct a correctional nutritional protocol that replaces toxic elements with preferred nutrient minerals. Toxins are then released and safely removed from the body.