Update: 07 October 2015

Balancing Essential Nutrient Minerals

Health begins at the cellular level. Healthy cellular function relies on having the proper levels and ratios of essential minerals. hTMA provides the information needed to assess and improve cellular function.

Mineral Wheel

Nutrient Interrelationships

Essential nutrient minerals are required for proper growth, development and physiological functions. Your body cannot synthesize these minerals, so they must be obtained from your diet.

A Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) is a noninvasive medical test that provides comprehensive information about nutrient mineral levels and ratios, metabolic status and toxicity. The hTMA lab report can be used to correct the levels and ratios of essential minerals, thus improving cellular function (e.g., the transmembrane potential). When individual cells are working properly, health improves.

Benefits of Hair Analysis (hTMA)

Most medical tests focus on identifying the cause of a very specific clinical symptom. Typically, the test result will be used to determine a pharmaceutical therapy or surgical intervention. hTMA is different. It is a multipurpose medical screen that provides clinically relevant information regarding overall health status. Using the information provided in the hTMA, the clinician can make recommendations to support system-wide health improvements. A corrective nutritional approach is provided to improve general health, encourage safe detoxification, and effectively resolve many confusing or complex symptomatic health problems.

  1. hTMA is an affordable multipurpose medical screen. Lab results give you baseline information about your current state of health and provide early detection of trends toward disease (predictive medicine).
  2. hTMA is used worldwide for biomonitoring, and is recommended by the EPA for heavy-metal toxicological screening. The hTMA lab report shows levels and ratios of key toxic elements (e.g., copper toxicity).
  3. hTMA can be used to improve immune function.
  4. hTMA can determine if your diet is providing adequate nutrition to support your unique metabolic profile.
  5. hTMA takes the guesswork out of taking nutritional supplements. Identify which supplements are helping, and which may be doing harm. You save money, and gain the most benefit from your supplement strategy.
  6. hTMA can identify the underlying cause of a health problem and a direct corrective protocol to balance biochemistry.
  7. hTMA can be used to enhance athletic and intellectual performance (maximize physical and cognitive function).

How to get started

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