Update: 20 December 2014

Better Nutrition, Better Health

When you optimize nutrition, you establish the biochemistry needed to support your individual metabolic needs. Which means you will improve physical and emotional health, detoxify safely, prevent disease and illness, and common ailments will correct themselves.

Mineral Wheel

Precision Nutrition

By simply improving your nutrition, your health will improve. An effective way to improve health even further, is to ensure that you have the correct levels and ratios of nutrient minerals needed to support your specific metabolic profile. A hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) can determine what minerals are needed to optimize cellular function.

Why get a hTMA screen?

  1. hTMA can provide the information needed to determine if your diet is providing adequate nutrition to support your unique cellular and metabolic profile.
  2. hTMA can provide you with baseline information about your current state of health, including toxic elements.
  3. hTMA can identify the underlying cause of a health concern and direct corrective nutrition to balance biochemistry.
  4. hTMA can enhance performance (maximize your potential physical and cognitive function).
  5. hTMA takes the guesswork out of taking nutritional supplements. Identify which are helping, and which may be doing harm, allowing you to save money and gain the most benefit from your supplement strategy.

A hTMA screen provides comprehensive nutritional status and toxicity information. It is a metabolic, stress and energy profie. Lab results are used to direct an individualized corrective nutritional protocol.

How to get started with nutritional balancing

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