Better Nutrition, Better Health

When you provide your body with optimized nutrition, your biochemistry will have the means to support your metabolic needs, and many common health problems will correct themselves.

Mineral Wheel

Science-based Nutrition

Having the correct levels and ratios of nutrient minerals needed for optimum cellular function is an effective way to improve health. Determining what minerals are needed to support an individual's metabolic profile is accomplished using a non-invasive, comprehensive nutritional health screen (hTMA). Lab results are then used to direct an individualized nutritional protocol.

Simply improving your nutrition will improve health (even without an hTMA). There are three ways hTMA is commonly used:

  1. To provide you with baseline information about your current state of health, including toxic elements.
  2. To identify the underlying cause of a health concern, and direct corrective nutrition to balance biochemistry.
  3. To enhance performance (maximize physical and cognitive function).

Getting Started

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