Introduction to hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) ensures that you have adequate amounts of essential nutrient minerals and that their relationships to one another (ratios) are correct. The hTMA lab test provides comprehensive information about your health, performance status and trending toward disease.

hTMA Report

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Essential Minerals

Essential nutrient elements are required for growth, development and physiological functions. Our bodies cannot synthesize essential minerals they must be obtained from the diet.

A Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) is a non-invasive medical test used to obtain diagnostic, screening and monitoring information. Having the proper levels and ratios of the essential nutrient minerals supports optimum cellular function (health). hTMA, lab results are used to guide a corrective supplementation protocol and nutritional recommendations.

Every sickness, disease and ailment, can be traced to a mineral deficiency (i.e. imbalance). Dr. Linus Pauling

In addition, hTMA is a standard toxicology screen used worldwide for biomonitoring. In fact, the EPA recommends hTMA as the preferred method for testing for chronic heavy-metal exposure. Lab results determine your toxic load, and retests are used to monitor detoxification progress.

Nutritional Deficiency and Persistent Toxicity

Two significant problems threaten health today.

  1. Nutritional Deficiency. Most food is nutrient deficient due to depleted soils, and the dominant industrial agribusiness model of production. It is common to be well-fed yet undernourished.
  2. Persistent Toxicity. Everyone is exposed to chronic low-level toxicity, so immune function and adaptation capabilities are continually having to respond to increasing levels of stressors.

It's easy to feel some frustration or dispair when you learn that one out of every four deaths in the United States is from cancer. Every kind of health problem is increasing. Never before seen diseases and disorders are appearing. Environmental degradation is rampant and infertility plagues all species of life.

Despite significant challenges, there is clear evidence supporting the posibility of a better future. Nothing stays the same. Everything, from the smallest quantum particle to the universe itself is in a state of dynamic movement. Every cell in our body is continually adapting in an attempt to achieve homeostasis. The poor societal and environmental conditions that are threatening our survival are also pushing us to make life-sustaining changes. It is inspiring that so many people are working to create a better future.

hTMA is an affordable multipurpose medical screen. Lab results give you baseline information about your current state of health and provide early detection of trends toward disease (predictive medicine).

Balancing Biochemistry

When metabolic processes are working properly, you experience robust health and immune function, sustained energy, clear thinking and emotional stability. Balancing biochemistry is a fundamental activity of all biology. In fact, you're doing it right now. All of the activities you engage in (conscious, subconscious, and autonomic) impact your biochemistry's balance.

Breath is a simple example of biochemistry balancing. Breathing ultimately oxygenates the cells in your body. Cells operate electro-biochemically. Cellular-level activity affects all of the higher level macro-processes within complex multi-cellular organisms (like you). Even thinking effects biochemistry. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all behaving in ways that attempt to optimize our biochemistry all of the time. This is because from the cellular-level and up, our body knows that balanced biochemistry provides the best performance — and offers the best shot at survival.

So, how do we become unbalanced? Undernourishment and persistent, low-level toxic exposure are the primary causes. Also, when we are tired we might use a stimulant like coffee or an energy drink. Or, if we are too wired we might use a sedative, alcohol, or another drug to relax. We are "smart" enough to realize that these substances affect our biochemistry, but not well-informed enough to understand how they can also create biochemical chaos. Uneducated biochemistry rebalancing leads to all types of undesirable consequences (health and personal).

It's so much better to balance biochemistry intelligently using hTMA lab results as your guide. The two requirements for intelligent biochemical balancing are simply:

  1. Providing the right nutritional support for your unique metabolic profile (hTMA).
  2. Learning to eliminate or avoid those things that harm your health.

The key benefits of intelligent biochemical balancing include, improved cognitive function and physical capability, and greater stress resilience. How well you are able to do your job will improve too. But the single best reason to balance biochemistry intelligently, is that you will feel better!

What to expect from hTMA

Most people experience three interconnected phases of progress.

  1. Prepare
  2. Integrate
  3. Transform
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