Practitioner Training

The training program is free for licensed/certified medical professionals who are interested in hTMA. The self-paced, self-guided curriculum allows you to learn hTMA fundamentals and how to properly balance mineral levels/ratios with clinical nutrition (i.e., nutritional balancing).


Practitioner Training Program

Accurate hTMA interpretation requires experience. Medical training and a background in nutrition and biomedical science are important prerequisites for learning how to correctly interpret lab results and adjust therapeutic recommendations (when necessary). A good first step you can take is to determine what the nutritional consultant licensing requirements are for your state and profession, please see:

Many patients discover hTMA after all else has failed. Typically these individuals have a serious health condition. They may be taking pharmaceuticals to control their symptoms. These factors can significantly alter biochemistry and consequently, impact test results. A qualified practitioner is able grasp the inherent complexities of hTMA interpretation and the nuances involved in adjusting clinical recommendations. It is important that the practitioner working with these patients also have a medical background (e.g. DO, DAOM, L. Ac., MD, ND, RN, etc.). A medical professional is better equipped to assess complex patient situations and prevent harm. Unfortunately, we are aware of harm being caused by unqualified practitioners.

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Non-credentialed Program

Today hTMA is virtually unknown by the general public, and disparaged by its detractors. Our hope is that one day soon hTMA will receive the recognition from the medical community that it deserves, and consequently will gain wide public acceptance. Currently what's needed is a high-quality accredited educational program for practitioners to be properly vetted and credentialed. Our organization is a small group of volunteers with very limited resources, currently the training program does not provide any examination, certification or licensure services.

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