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Molecular Biology and Elemental Chemistry

Because we live in a world with magnified environmental and social stressors, maintaining balance (adaptation) is an ongoing challenge. In multi-cellular organisms such as human beings, adaptive capabilities are at their best when cells are functioning optimally. For this to happen, mineral levels and ratios must be properly balanced.

Laboratory hTMA provides an accurate stress and energy profile.

A non-invasive hTMA screen provides a comprehensive metabolic profile and is an inexpensive toxicological screen for several key heavy metals. Lab data is used to guide a corrective therapeutic protocol that relies on improved nutrition and supplementation to replace toxic heavy metals with biologically preferred minerals. The protocol effectively restores function at the cellular-level.

Molecular-level optimization fortifies the body's own natural systems with the ability to better manage the persistent toxic exposures and the increased nutritional demands of modern daily living. Laboratory hTMA data provides detailed information about energy availability and performance capacity. With hTMA it is possible to balance biochemistry and realize your biological potential.

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